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EpXylon 9501
Threadlocking Compound (Medium Strength)
A high performance & superior quality anaerobic polymer solution for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners that are occasionally disassembled with basic hand tools.
EpXylon 9502
Retaining Compound (High Strength)
A powerful and fast curing anaerobic bonding solution for cylindrical fitting parts. It withstands high static shear strength and dynamic loads - enabling efficient and versatile industrial applications.
EpXylon 9503
Surface Gasket (Medium Strength)
A rapid-hardening, general purpose anaerobic compound specially designed for flanges and surfaces. Its low adhesive strength ensures easy parts disassembly to satisfy different maintenance needs.
EpXylon 9504
Pipe Thread Sealant (PTFE Low Strength)
A PTFE-filled anaerobic adhesive with a low friction coefficient. It is specially formulated for easy disassembly of coarse-threaded joints on metal pipes requiring slow pipe sealant hardening.