MAGNA – The Ultimate Welding Alloys

Through intense research, Magna developed a welding process exclusively designed for maintenance. During the past 50 years, it has repeatedly been proven that Magna Maintenance Welding Alloys and Electrodes are not only based on sound scientific principles, but offer numerous advantages over ordinary welding rods. Along with advanced welding alloys, Magna provides a unique maintenance-oriented service in over 80 countries.

Today there are over one million industries that rely on Magna for their maintenance welding requirements. The savings made each year by industry in using the unique Magna Maintenance Welding Process is inestimable.
For Torch For Arc
T.I.G. Welding Welding Aid Products

EpXylon range of products provides the consumer with an effective, easy, versatile, speedy, high-strength and economical solution where the application is not bound by a process of welding. This product can be machined, tapped, sanded, drilled and ground and can be used in all sorts of innovative applications such as:

On Overhead positions
Under Immersed conditions
In Power, Food, or Chemical plants
Metal-Filled Solutions Ceramic-Filled Solutions
Anaerobic Solutions Polyurethane Solutions
Sealants & Adhesive Solutions Degreaser/ Cleaner